Monday, September 16, 2013

Lunch Group

Again. We had lunch date with the 'Quality Head'. Not so called as 'date'. Lets call it as 'lunch group'. Out from office @ time 12pm. The lunch arranged by Molly, our QS Manager. 
Haish... Memang pantang kene belanja..  Lajuuuu.... Menuju. See see... the 4 angle in front. 

There we go, we enter to Stone Grill..

Cheers.. The 6 of us.. Me, of course the one who take this very nice happy picture..

The person who will pay for our lunch today. Thanks You sir..!

Yes, this is mine. I took menu number 56 sharing with Shima. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... 

We manage to cooked and finish our lunch at time 2pm. Actually, this session is to have a very close one to one, heart to heart talking with the boss and associates. Ngeh.. Ngeh... Ngeh....

*But of course, my friend said I am a paparazzi. Silence and do my work to get all the evidence. Tapi pasang telinga hokay for the report. Muahahaha!

Hei, Shay have to attend meeting at 2pm. We out from Jusco and rushing to office. We reached to office at 0245pm. Mati la... Kene marah. Bukan I,  boss yang kene marah. Kih kih kih...


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