Sunday, January 20, 2013


its me again in Incheon, Korea Airport now on sunday at time 16:33.  transit for 2 hour here before i can proceed with the next flight at 18:30. yes, i'm in economy class so not entitle to go into KAL Lounge. puffttt!! not much can do or see here as i can only walk around airport area. Since, my gate to the aeroplane is 28, so i need to sit here for awhile awaiting the gate is open.

just thinking if i can buy something memoriable so that i can tell to my daughter that i was here in future. but still, don't know what to buy. to get the fridge magnet? the price is sooo expensive! even i can pay in usd and in fact i still have some usd in my wallet, but still think twice and more to buy it. hahahaha... what a stingy i am!

i will be reached to changi, singapore tonight at time 12:00am. abg dollah, the company driver will fetch us at terminal 2. just can't wait to meet my beloved family especially my two beautiful princess. some more i just cant wait to brush my body. it was very itchy since the day 1 i'm in texas. they said its because of the weather that my body cant accept. the weather was too cold that makes my skin dry and cause of itchy and iritation. how am i going to tell my boss that sites have to send 2 representative to atlanta for this continuity project in may?? oh my!! sounds is good. but, can i say NO please? the travel, the cold that make my skin dry and itchy, its make me suffer! helppp... i just can't tahan when i need to garu-garu my body. hahaha...

all right then, i need to go. this post is write while i'm in incheon, korea airport. still have another 6 hour in order for me to reach to changi. then still, i need to go through the singapore imigresen for clearance to out to johor. oh Allah, what a beautifull world you create!

p/s : even now the time still shown 18:00 here, but look like its already 19:00 time. its dark! and once again, please pray for my safe journey to changi and johor my hometown. bye bye... ;)

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