Wednesday, January 16, 2013

me with uncle sam

Hahaha... curious? but he's not my scandal of course....;) well, finally i got here after almost 24 hours in terrible travelling from Johor - Changi - Incheon - Korea - Dallas, USA. Yeah, its a very long journey rite? Why am i here? Definately,  its not purposely for shopping or look around to spend my 13 Month pay. Waaarghhhh....!!!! hhahahaha... crazy.

Why Uncle sam? Not uncle Dollah? Uncle Don or Uncle John? Here a little bit the story behind.
Uncle Sam is one of the most familiar icons, many Americans have little or no concept of his origins. On this day in 1813, the United State gets its nickname, Uncle Sam. The name is linked to Samuel Wilson, a meat packer from Troy, NewYork, who supplied barrels of beef to the United States Army during the War of 1812. Wilson (1766-1854) stamped the barrels with "U.S." for United States, but soldiers began referring to the grub as "Uncle Sam's." The local newspaper picked up on the story and Uncle Sam eventually gained widespread acceptance as the nickname for the U.S. federal government.

Wah, why am i suddenly speaking uncle sam language? Amazing, oh my belacan...!! Where.. Where.. Where... ;)

All right then, I just wanna memories something here in my own blog. That I was in Texas, USA on 12 Jan 2013, Saturday and will be back to Johor, Malaysia on 19 Jan 2013, Saturday.
Nah, here i got to attached my itinerary ;

1. KE 642 D 12JAN SINICN RR1 0130 0835 
2. KE 31 C 12JAN ICNDFW RR1 1100 0820
3. KE 32 C 19JAN DFWICN HK1 1030 #1630
4. KE 641 J 20JAN ICNSIN HK1 1835 #0010

The time now is 09:56pm @ 16 Jan 2013 And I've got to go. very tired and tonite is the only nite that I'm not go out for shopping! hahaha... The SALE was really make me crazy. It's Winter, and in fact I was very lucky to see the snow!! Yes, its snowed on 15 Jan 2013 in Texas. And they said, its amazing after few years no snow in Texas!!! see see.. how lucky I am... Syukurr Ya Allah, given me the chances to see your beautiful creation!!

Ok later will memory on what is Uncle sam people doing at nite and day..;)

P/s : Speaking uncle sam language is because i was here... hahahaha !!

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