Friday, January 18, 2013

me and uncle sam (part II)

Yeah, tonight will be the last night that i will be here. my flight will be on tomorrow morning at 10:30am from Dallas, USA - Incheon, Korea - Changi, Singapore. and company driver will fetch us at Terminal 2, Changi on monday morning at time 01;30am. fuhh, what a long tiring journey!!

feel like dont want to go back. Is not because i wanna stay here. and of course not because I don't want to back to my hometown. I'm just sick of the travel. yes, really. I like to be here. with the nice view. nice people. nice weather. But still, without family its nothing.

Uncle Sam have such a beautiful  place to see. and of course to shop. definately you'll like the place if you're shopperholic.its so cheapand its definately orignal. you wont get the fake if you buy at  the right place.  really, in fact i was spent almost usd1.2k here.. Oh my!! I just can't believe when i went back from the shop and start calculate the bill. by that time, i only can see uncle sam is smilling at me like crazy!!! hahahaha...

People here are really sociable. we can see their smilling at you whenever you do, you ask and even when you did something 'naughty'. I even cross the road without look to the other way that car coming from. he stop and just smile at me. huh! would you get that in Malaysia? i dont think so..;p

Its 11:47pm now. I just reach home from kak mazifah house and accompany. she's really such a nice person. her hometown is temerloh, pahang and was migrated to Texas for 18 years. her husband is from penang. she had 2 daughter and a son. which 20, 19 and 8 years old. she and her husband holding USA PR. both of them are working with HP USA as a programmer. and what is the best thing, they work from home. no need to rush for office just like us. nice rite? she took me, ervinna and kak fadzilah out after maghrib this evening at the hotel to her house. we had dinner there and guess what? shes cooked nasi ayam texas!! after 5 days only take salad and fish, now you go. there was nasi ayam in texas!! hehehehe...
Thanks kak mazifah for the hospitality. i wouldn't forget the memory and there's only Allah can pay your kindness. God bless you.. aminnn..;)

still, tomorrow is the day that i need to suffer again. having a journey for maybe more than 24 hour to back to my beloved family. i bought so many things to  my daughter and my mr hubby. for me, i was buy tommy t-shirt, levis jeans, tommy long pants, hand bag from kate spade, watches from Fossil, wallet from tommy and hand bag from coach. i was buy skirt, t-shirt, long pants, socks, tie hair for my daughter. all are from gymboree and oshkosh! and opss... i just realized that i only had levis jeans, t-shirt cowboy and watch form fossil for my mr hubby. oh my!!  oh ya, i bought watches from Fossil for my siblings too. and for my future brother in law, i bought t-shirt and long pants from tommy for the 'hantaran'. Fuhh!! what a long list. do i have enaough space in my luggage to fit in? Nope, i don't have enaugh space. then, i was buy another bag for me to hand carry. and i also have added 1 box to put my things in.

Hmm... its midnight 12:23pm @ Friday now at texas. and its 02:28pm @ saturday in my hometown, malaysia. is about 12 hour different. i should better go now. tomorrow have to wake up early for the long journey.

P/s : good nite all and people in texas. i'm gonna miss you and the weather of course. i'll flying soon and pray for my safe journey.... mmuahhhh!!!

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